+   What's the difference between my Facebook Profile my page?

A common confusion for Facebook users is the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Company (or Fan) Page. The two are not the same, and both serve very different purposes. A Facebook Profile is an account that is for an individual, who can use it to network with friends and colleagues, and to share information with them. It is designed to be a unique profile on the Facebook network for that one individual and it is not meant to be used to represent a business. A Facebook Company or Fan Page is a page on Facebook created by an existing Facebook member (profile) to promote your WineShop At Home business. These pages gather followers by existing Facebook users ‘liking’ the page in question, for which in return they will receive information specific to your business. Your WineShop At Home business page will include a variety of Apps (or Applications) that add greater functionality for the page.

+   How do I get a new Facebook page for my WineShop At Home business?

It’s easy to set up. Simply log into your Facebook profile, then go to the following link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/. You’ll want to select “Company, Organization or Institution” as the main category, then select “Food/Beverage” as your sub category. Then input your “company name.” If you are using the “WineShop At Home” brand, be sure to include your name after (e.g. WineShop At Home – Your Name). Then, click “Get Started.” From here, you’ll be asked to include a description for your ABOUT section, as well as adding your unique URL. Finally, you’ll be asked to upload a profile picture for your new page.

+   What should I name my Facebook page?

We’ve left this open for you to be creative. If you’d like, you can use “WineShop At Home – Your Name” or if you’ve created your own business name (e.g. Artisan Wines, or Wine Gals) you can use that as well. Just note, you can only change the name of your page ONCE, so plan wisely.

+   What if I already have a Facebook Page for my WineShop At Home business?

If you already have a Facebook page for your WineShop At Home business, then all you need to do is make the “Wine Is Social” team admins of your Page so we can begin to customize it for you with our set of apps.

+   How do I add the “Wine Is Social” team as admins of my Facebook Page?

Remember, you are not making us an admin of your personal profile, only your WineShop At Home business page. To do so, simply go to your page and in the upper section, click on “Edit Page” and then select “Manage Admin Roles” and then simply ADD our email address wineissocial@gmail.com in the blank position, then be sure to select “manager” as the role (not content creator). This will notify us immediately and put you in our system, from where we will then add a cover and all the custom apps to your page.

+   Will adding “Wine Is Social” team to my Facebook page delete what I’ve done in the past?

No, all your posts and information will be in tact, don’t worry. We will just be adding custom apps to your page, and if you subscribe to our content, we will be posting each week as well. You can always continue to post the way you have in the past.

+   How can I get friends from my Profile to “like” my Page?

Once you have your Facebook Page set up properly, you can share a link (URL) of that page directly on your personal profile and ask your friends to Like your page and to “share” it with their friends. You can also “share” posts from your page over to your personal profile on a regular basis. If you share enough engaging content, your friends may share it too — or even better, they may eventually “Like” your page and receive updates from you regularly.

+   How do I invite friends to like my Page?

To invite friends to like your Page, make sure you're using Facebook as yourself and not as the Page. From your Page's admin panel --> Click Build Audience --> Select Invite Friends from the dropdown menu --> Click Search All Friends to select a list or search for friends in the search box --> Click Invite next to the names of the friends you want to invite

+   Can I change the name of my page?

Yes. You can change the name of your business until you have 200 LIKES. To do this, click on the ‘Edit Page’ button at the top of your screen. Then click ‘Update Public Info.’ You will see the name of your business about halfway down the page. Simply change that name to make it appear on your page. Facebook will review your changes and it should be searchable within 24-hours. What is my Facebook page “Vanity URL?” This is the custom URL you set up for your page, so people can search it easily. You can only change this once, so be cautious. This is the address you can tell people so they can access your page (e.g. www.facebook.com/nameofyourpage). To change this name (only once), just go to “Edit Page” and then “Update Public Info” from which you can select your URL. Once logged into your personal profile, you can also visit www.facbook.com/username then select your page and create the vanity URL this way as well.

+   Where can I find designed covers for my Facebook page?

We have provided a series of professionally designed covers with the Wine Cellar app on the main WineShop At Home Facebook page. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/WineShopAtHome/app_185841491588587. Once you are in the WineCellar, you simply go to the Wine Is Social tab, then select the Cover Images tab next. Here you will see all your options. Select the one you'd like to use on your page, and right click to save the image to your computer. Then, simply go to your page, hover over the cover image you have now and choose to upload a new image. Select the image from your computer and click save.

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